'Bubble Girl', Antwerp

'Colour your World', Kigali

'Ahmedabad', Gujarat

'Happy House', Antwerp

'International Hotels', Belgium

'Lost Seoul', Seoul

'Miniatures', Belgium

'Jump', Paris

'Demolition Man', Antwerp

'Teddy', Antwerp

'A Touch of Light', Antwerp

'Le Terminus', Perpignan

'Seoul Man', Seoul

'Demolition Man II', Belgium

'City Best Wine', London

'Midlife Crisis', Antwerp

'Pink Lady', Addis Abeba

'Cornerblow', Marseille

'Red Curtains', Antwerp

'Love and Marriage', Fethiye

'Twisted', Porto

'La Biennale', Venice

'Leather & Rubber', Antwerp


'Have it your way', Madrid

'The Happy Chef', Seoul

'Winter Sun', Berlin

'Parents and Children', Otterlo

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